CANA Style 6M Nova garden kitchen

CANA Style Nova, model of 2022, is an exceptional outdoor kitchen, both in terms of design and equipment featured. The kitchen applies innovative solutions in terms of structure, design, and function, giving priority to steadfast resistance to even the most extreme weather conditions. This outcome has been possible thanks to the use of highly durable materials: top-quality stainless steel and ceramic sinters.

Fronts of the CANA Style Nova garden kitchen are made of handcrafted wooden mosaic arranged in a French herringbone pattern. The pieces were cut at a 45-degree angle, and connected in the shape of an arrowhead, creating the characteristic zigzag decor. Each element has been carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. The make-up of this model is complemented by the finishing of the sides, the back, and the countertop with dark brown Laurent sinter interspersed with copper veins, producing astounding visual effects from every angle.

CANA Style Nova garden kitchen boasts an extensive range of equipment and appliances, including a sink made of Laurent ceramic sinter, a top gas-fuelled grill by the renowned Italian brand Fulgor Milano, an induction hob, and a refrigerator. It is possible to order additional equipment and re-arrange the elements according to your personal preferences.


  • Kitchen sink: CANA, made of Dekton Laurent ceramic sinter
  • Gas-fuelled grill: Fulgor Milano Black 15.2 kW
  • Induction stove
  • Refrigerator


  • Structure: stainless steel, lacquered in black
  • Option to laquer in any colour from the RAL colour chart
  • Countertop: Dekton Laurent ceramic sinter
  • Approximate weight of the kitchen: 450 kg
  • Fronts: stainless steel, lacquered in black, with hand-crafted mosaic of spruce timber
  • Sides and back of the kitchen: stainless steel, lacquered in black, finished with Dekton Laurent ceramic sinter