About the Project

In harmony with the environment

The starting point for the Project was the idea of a common table meant to have all diners well integrated. Cana Concept combines functionality, diligently designed details, minimalistic approach, and overall adaptability, so as to allow all the components to be fitted into a specific space. The concept ultimately evolved into an outdoor furniture system, with plenty of potential for adaptation and personalisation.


Cana Concept kitchens are designed with plenty of adaptability in mind. Modular construction allows you to build small kitchen islands, fully fitted kitchens, and large, multifunctional systems specifically dedicated to HoReCa (Hotel and Catering) industry purposes.

To ensure that our products harmoniously blend in with the surroundings, we offer a very wide range of finishing materials, i.e. starting off with a diversity of natural materials, through composites, to metal. Consequently, our kitchens may be perfectly adjusted to conform to prevalent aesthetic constraints of the immediate environment. Architects and designers are then free to have the components of this system combined and adjusted in any way they think best.

Cana Classic
Cana Style

Our Team

Konrad Kochana

CANA Project Manager

tel: +48 601 620 116

Frédéric Collette

France Sales Manager

tel: +48 793 441 032

Marcin Goraj

Product Development Coordinator

tel: + 48 600 813 962

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