CANA - synonymous with an outdoor kitchen

CANA kitchens are adapted to operate even in extreme weather conditions. Resistant to rain, frost and UV radiation, they are a true embodiment of strength and durability – thus they are becoming synonymous with the category of outdoor kitchens.

High-quality stainless steel, natural quartz sinters or marine plywood are just some of the carefully selected, durable materials that make CANA kitchens a perfect solution for fully functional and reliable operation in outdoor conditions.

The idea of creating a garden kitchen that would be 100% suitable for use in outdoor conditions is inscribed in the history, genesis, and mission of the CANA brand.

Just-like-at-home comfort

With the idea of cooking outdoors comes the challenge of bringing a fully operational and reliable home kitchen out in the open. This requirement was reflected in the equipment, appliances and solutions that we applied in our CANA garden kitchen units. Gas-fuelled and electric-powered barbecues, an induction hob, a wine storage unit, a fully functional sink – all these and many other amenities allow you to fully enjoy your cooking and spending time in the garden or on the terrace.

Equipment from leading brands

CANA garden kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances by world’s leading manufacturers, including: Planet, Fulgor Milano, Fire Magic, Kenyon and Indu+. Striving for consistency in design, we have chosen the devices not only for their highest quality, durability and work efficiency, but also for their classic, elegant appearance and subtly constructed controls that perfectly match the aesthetics and style of the CANA kitchen.

Countertops in CANA kitchens - remarkable design, 100% natural and safe

The worktops in CANA garden kitchens are made of selected Italian and Spanish quartz – sintered stone ceramics, which produce a range of diverse and original designs. Therefore, we are able to adapt and match them to gardens or terraces in various styles. Sinter patterns can take the semblance of natural stone, of metal, or countless shades of architectural concrete.

Quartz sinters are resistant to scratches and discolouration and are able to endure extreme weather conditions. They are made of natural minerals and are not susceptible to moisture and water. These qualities make them perfect for all applications involving contact with food products, even at extremely high temperatures.