Concept of the perfect kitchen

The search for a garden kitchen that would meet the criteria of quality and design, and at the same time would be suitably adapted to operate in outdoor conditions, ended in a fiasco. It turned out that even kitchens offered by leading foreign suppliers did not meet our stated requirements. And so the idea was born to independently create a garden kitchen with a well-thought-out and refined design, a kitchen that would be truly unique in terms of design, quality, durability, functionality, equipment, and the applied solutions, in short – the perfect garden kitchen. In the initial stages of developing concepts and crafting prototypes, we received support from the GRID Design Studio; then the internal team of CANA designers carried on the work independently. After numerous trials and tests on prototypes to search for the most suitable materials and the best structural solutions, the first outdoor kitchen was born in the CANA studio, which laid the foundations for subsequent models and entire collections, with CANA Style garden kitchen line as the forerunner.

Origins of the CANA name

Reflections accompanying the search for the name of the new brand of outdoor kitchens led us to Cana of Galilee, location of perhaps the most famous culinary event in history. CANA is the concept of cooking outdoors at its best, in the best surroundings, and in the best company.

Vision of continuous growth

CANA has been growing dynamically and steadily for several years. In Kraków, we have our design office, a showroom, and the atelier, where garden kitchens designed according to individual needs and preferences are crafted. Made with utmost care, inimitable works of art in their own right – these are the fruits of the work by CANA designers, engineers and craftsmen. We are proud to see our kitchens enjoyed by celebrities from the world of art, sports, and business in Poland; we are increasingly gaining customer following in other European countries as well. Our vision is for the CANA brand to be a source of pride for the entire team, and more: to become Poland’s hallmark product of international renown.