Bogusław Barnaś is one of Poland’s most awarded architects of the young generation.

In his more than 20 years of designing, he has sought a synthesis of man and nature, combining centuries-old tradition with modern sustainable development. He draws inspiration from indigenous patterns and references the rich Polish culture, transforming historical motifs into modern contemporary design.

He has given dozens of guest lectures and presentations for institutions such as Coventry University in the UK, the International Congress of Architecture in Belgrade, the World Communication Forum in Davos, the Łódź Design Festival, 4Design Days, the World Architecture Festival or the European Architecture Days in Strasbourg.

Bogusław Barnaś heads BXB, the Kraków-based interdisciplinary architectural design studio with many years of professional experience including with Norman Foster.


  • The Plan Award for the Polish House – the first single-family house from Poland to receive this award
  • The Architect of the Year Award 2022 from The Architecture Community
  • Triple American MasterPrize including the lifetime achievement 
  • Four Italian A’Design Awards, IDA Award Bronze
  • Two PLGBC Green Building Awards for the best environmental projects (Eco Warsaw Tower and Symbiotic House)
  • German ICONIC Award and German Design Award
  • British The European Property Award
  • First ACD AWARD for the design of a hotel near the Wawel Castle
  • Global Design Award for the World’s Most Beautiful House 
  • First prize at Poland Architecture XXL 2022
  • Architecture Salon Award
  • Nominated for the SARP 2022 Award of the Association of Polish Architects 
  • Nominated for the British Dezeen Awards
  • Double nomination for World Building of the Year
  • Twice finalist of the World Architecture Festival
  • Winner of the 2023 SARP Award of the Year – one of the most important architecture awards in Poland.


Bogusław Barnaś incorporates CANA luxury outdoor kitchens into his architectural concepts and projects: Kraków Tenement Building Kamienica Krakowska, Dom Made in Poland, House with a Grotto Dom z Grotą.

Kamienica Krakowska  – a project to revitalise a historic early 20th century tenement building at 10 Powiśle Street in Kraków, taking into account the context of the site and contemporary technological possibilities. Winner of the Architecture Construction & Design Awards 2022, nominated for the London International Creative Competition (LICC).

Dom z Grotą –inspired by the legend of the Wawel Dragon to be built on a fern-covered site near Kraków’s Błonia Commons on a plot overgrown with ferns. Its unique and innovative design is derived from ecological functional and spatial ideas and the principles of the so-called human-centred biophilic design, i.e. architecture oriented towards human health and well-being.