CANA Style 5M Silver garden kitchen

CANA Style Silver garden kitchen is an example of the kind of design, which combines innovation, functionality, and the highest quality. The topmost consideration was to create a designer masterpiece that would endure even the toughest weather conditions, and that was achieved thanks to the deployment of high-quality stainless steel and quartz sinters.

Kitchen fronts are made of ceramic sintere panels that bring to mind the design of Calacatta marble, intertwined with delicate silver veins. The kitchen countertop, also made of sinter, is pleasantly synchronised with the tone of the fronts, creating an extremely subtle and elegant colour palette that contrasts perfectly with the greenery of the garden.

CANA Style Silver garden kitchen is equipped with a sink with a tap system hidden underneath the countertop, and a gas-fuelled grill. It is possible to introduce additional equipment and rearrange elements according to individual preferences.


  • Kitchen sink: CANA 330 with tap system hidden underneath the countertop
  • Gas-fuelled grill


  • Kitchen structure: stainless steel, brushed
  • Option to laquer in any colour from the RAL colour chart
  • Countertop: ceramic sinter
  • Approximate weight of the kitchen: 350 kg
  • Fronts: brushed stainless steel and ceramic sinter
  • Sides, back, and shelves: brushed stainless steel