CANA Style 4M Sapeli garden kitchen

CANA Style Sapeli garden kitchen was conceived with innovative design solutions in mind, without compromising on either beauty or practicality. The primary goal is durability – even in severe weather conditions, which was accomplished thanks to the careful selection of materials, such as high-quality stainless steel and ceramic sinter.

Kitchen fronts have been meticulously crafted of exotic, hard Sapeli wood from West Africa, which produces a delightful effect, highlighted by its unique and picturesque grain pattern. The deep dark countertop is an exceptional aesthetic feature; one of the kind – it has been crafted to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

CANA Style Sapeli garden kitchen is equipped with a sink with a tap system hidden underneath the countertop, and a gas-fuelled grill of the Belgian Indu+ brand. It is possible to include additional equipment in the configuration, and choose the location of particular elements, tailor-made according to your needs.


  • Kitchen sink: CANA 330 with tap system hidden underneath the countertop
  • Gas-fuelled grill: Indu+ GazzGrill


  • Structure: stainless steel, lacquered in black
  • Option to laquer in any colour from the RAL colour chart
  • Countertop: HPL Black Rock slab
  • Approximate weight of the kitchen: 180 kg
  • Fronts: stainless steel, lacquered in black, with exotic wood – Sapeli timber
  • Sides, back, and shelves: black lacquered stainless steel