CANA Style 5M Black garden kitchen

CANA Style Black garden kitchen is an expression of a modern approach to design – one that takes into account both aesthetics and durability, in equal measure. Its principal feature is resistance to extreme weather conditions, thanks to materials used, such as high-quality stainless steel and ceramic sinters.

Kitchen fronts constitute elegant panels fashioned of black ceramic sinter, which render the kitchen luxurious in character, thanks to the elegant minimalism of design, and give it distinction, juxtaposed against the bright elements of the surroundings. The black kitchen countertop, made of the same material, perfectly matches the colour tone of the fronts, creating a harmonious and pleasing whole.

CANA Style Black garden kitchen is equipped with a sink with a tap system hidden underneath the countertop, an electric grill-powered, and an induction hob of the U.S. Kanyon brand, as well as a cutting board made of natural wood, which can be used to extend the countertop by perfectly covering the sink chamber. It is possible to order additional appliances, and re-arrange the elements according to your individual preferences.


  • Kitchen sink: CANA 330 with tap system hidden underneath the countertop
  • Wooden chopping board
  • Electric-powered grill: Kenyon
  • Induction stove: Kenyon


  • Structure: stainless steel, lacquered in black
  • Option to laquer in any colour from the RAL colour chart
  • Countertop: ceramic sinter
  • Approximate weight of the kitchen: 350 kg
  • Fronts: stainless steel, lacquered in black, with ceramic sinter
  • Sides, back, and shelves: black lacquered stainless steel.