The outdoor kitchen CANA in the BXB studio project

With pride, we admit that the luxurious outdoor kitchen CANA has found its worthy place in another project by BXB studio.

“Made in Poland, this is an optimal and personalized home in terms of ergonomics, functions, materials used, and the scale of the concept. From the road side, it forms a tight shell giving a sense of security, while from the garden side, it fully opens up to the surrounding landscape, creating a transparent, open living space where the centrally located scenic kitchen integrates three zones – the living room, dining area, and covered terrace,” writes Bogusław Barnaś.

With such projects and realizations in mind, we created the luxurious outdoor kitchen CANA. We are delighted that such prestigious projects are open to the idea of outdoor living & cooking promoted by us, moving culinary life from the interior of the house to the garden and terrace.