Ogrodowa kuchnia CANA nowoczesny ogród

Outdoor kitchen CANA Style 6M NOVA

CANA® Style 6M NOVA — a 2022 model — is a unique kitchen, not only in terms of its design or the top-shelf grill by the Italian brand Fulgor Milano, but most of all due to its outstanding character and high-quality manual craftsmanship.

One of the standard stages in the production of CANA® kitchens is the process of manual sanding, polishing and installation.

In CANA® Style 6M NOVA model, also made by hand is a wooden mosaic on the fronts, arranged in the French herringbone pattern. The boards are cut at a 45-degree angle and joined in the shape of an arrowhead, creating characteristic zigzags. Each element undergoes a careful selection process subject to strict quality standards.

What completes the style of this model is the dark brown quartz sinter finish on the sides and back ends of the kitchens, strewn with golden veining.

CANA® Style 6M NOVA is a unique piece carefully perfected by hand, worth inviting into your garden.

Kuchnia ogrodowa CANA Style 6M NOVA

Construction and finishing materials

  • stal nierdzewna lakierowana w kolorze czarnym
  • możliwość lakierowania na dowolny kolor z palety RAL
  • blat: spiek ceramiczny Laurent
  • waga szacunkowa kuchni: 450 kg
  • fronty: stal nierdzewna lakierowana w kolorze czarnym oraz ręcznie wykonana mozaika z drewna sosny syberyjskiej
  • boki i tył kuchni: stal nierdzewna lakierowana w kolorze czarnym wykończone spiekiem ceramiczny Laurent
Kuchnia ogrodowa CANA Style 6M NOVA


  • Zlewozmywak: CANA wykonany ze spieku ceramicznego Laurent
  • Grill gazowy: Fulgor Milano Black 15,2 kW
  • Płyta indukcyjna
  • Chłodziarka


Kuchnia ogrodowa CANA Style 6M NOVA

Our mission

High visual appeal is all about the right proportions.
Technologically advanced solutions, overall simplicity of design, and stylish finishing materials actually make our formula for quality and all-round elegance.


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